Afghanistan Rising is a short documentary film that explores the state of the Afghan National Army (ANA) now facing the 2014 drawdown. From Ministers and Generals to Commandos and young recruits, the voices of today’s ANA share their commitment to win the war on terror at its front lines.  With hopes for a future of peace and prosperity, Afghanistan must turn to its own emerging military… who are far more ready than anyone imagines.

The Mission for Afghanistan Rising was to create a film that would powerfully associate the strength of the Afghan military to their ability to manage and sustain it and to clearly demonstrate an effective supply chain from the decrees that empower it through to the soldiers on the ground who need the assets and supplies to win a battle. The US and coalition forces have worked hard to build the Afghan security forces and infrastructure.  Soldiers and assets are basic to war. Supply chain logistics and sustainment of those assets is not as easy to train or to deploy.  Cultural and educational barriers had not yet been overcome, so we were brought in to produce a film that would help support this critical message and mission.    If they were not empowered to sustain their military, all the assets we invested could rapidly degrade and their military could fail.

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